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I’ve had enough

and I want out!!!



Some new equipment for my own small world of music. The recordings for the new record are finished. Soit’s time to set the whole thing into the right mix.

The Vocals



2020-10-01 As you might have noticed – decisions have been made. Next release will be a new DiSORDER solo record. Coming in 2021 whenever time is right. 



The Chords

summer on the balcony

2020-06-18 THE LYRiCS

The mask


2020-04-11 It’s the art of making the best out of it. Do not let it get you. I know, so easy to say when reality hits you. And, yes, I am just as perplexed as everyone else. And, no, I don’t  have solutions. I just have ideas. Ideas that work for me and may not work for anyone else. But I am I and you are you. I can show you what I do and you alone have to decide whether this could be an approach for you too.
After all plans and ideas for [PTSD] regarding a tour or other live gis had to be thrown overboard due to the pandemic, the focus will be set on new music now. An yet unfinished project is Zetttkowski and there’s a lot of material that has to be recorded. The music is kind of punkrock – but really only kind of. It’s more maybe like retro rock. The lyrics are in German.
And of course the other idea is a new solo record of mine. I cannot yet tell you which of the two ways I will reach the goal first, but at least: There are two ways. Two different ways of finally letting out what has fallen over me in the past few months.

Are You F****** kidding me???


2020-02-28 Still something strange is going on in the neighborhood 


Sometimes it all simply gets too much! So much is lost!

Too much!

2020-01-22 Did I say 2020 can only get better? F*** it! So sad!!!

2020-01-13 Something strange is going on in the neighborhood  

2020-01-03 Game over for 2019. 2020 can only get better. Still available:  The 50 best songs of the last year. Worth to listen!


Where will the road lead us to?