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In love with bruges

2019-12-26 In Bruges (Belgium) for a few days. Merry christmas everyone!
Come and see this city. So beautiful! Every corner looks like a film set. Doesn’t go much better. I’m in love!

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2019-11-30 THE DiSORDER as Santa Claus
@posh teckel @teckel tv



The church of fear of the stranger in you.

2019-10-28 In September And Oktober we recorded the new album of [PTSD] – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Here are a few pics from me recording the vocals in early October.

2019-10-16 A short hello from Stockholm.

2019-09-22 [PTSD] record will be released on Dec 06th. Watch out for »Blacklist«.


2019-09-14 And no… I still don’t feel fine!

2019-09-13 Still I am not the one I want to be – but I shout it out! Going crazy. Still can’t believe…

2019-08-29 I am still completely beside myself. But life has to go on – so they say. I feel my way down from day to day, from hour to hour. I bury myself in work, looking for distraction. Every minute, every second. No, I am no longer myself. I am the sad one. I am the one who no longer wants, but somehow still has to do…. Keep the flame burning…




2019-08-14 Speechless!

Sad! Inexpressably SAD!

2019-07-20 It’s dark, it’s raining. I wander the streets of my city wondering what’s going wrong. I no longer can reach you. No matter what I do, your snail shell is locked. You seem to be saying goodbye and that scares me. A fear that paralyzes me, makes me go round in circles. It cannot and must not be that this is it. Because no, of course it wasn’t all good. But everything had a reason. There were a lot of things I didn’t want to do –  but nevertheless I did it, because it’s about our future. Because I love you and want to offer you a life that we both love. So I set a few points. I have managed things, created a foundation on which we stand firmly and safely, on which we can build. And yes, that was not easy and sometimes you had to back off. I’m sorry about that. And I wish the way had been easier.

But it is what it is. I may have focused a little too much in a direction that wasn’t the present. I have neglected you because I was and am firmly convinced that I will make up for it in the future. That may be a mistake. But I am not perfect. I can only say that I have always meant well to us and everything I did has happened to the best of my knowledge and belief in our future.

And now I stand here. In the dark, in the rain, alone in the big city. You’re not here. I miss you. But I can’t get you out of your damn snail shell…

2019-06-10 Just a few more pics. This time from Berlin, from the Baltic Sea and froom Prague.

2019-03-19 First it’s just a thought. Then it’s getting a fixed idea. And in the end sometimes its reality. [PTSD] are back. There will be an album within this year. I promise. First recordings for the new album started these days. Main recordings will follow in September and October and record will be released then maybe in December.
Band members will be different from 2004 – the year of our debut. But people change – music still will be great.
Welcome aboard: Kai, Lisa, Kerstin, Jon, Mauro and Fred. All details: https://ptsd.rocks 



 2019-01-26 + + +
 Best Deals are made 
 in the bar next door 

 2019-01-19 + + + Recommendation 

Bryan Adams @ camera work, Berlin

2019-01-01 The year starts with the 50 best songs of the past year.