2016-11-10 Life in one picture ———-

Some kind of recording

2016-10-11 +++ Just an idea of a few songs +++ No idea what will happen +++ Work in progress +++ A so called demo +++ No results without trying +++ Some kind of grief work +++ First days on earth without you +++ PAiN!!! +++ TEARS!!! +++ RETREAT!!! +++ See you!!!

2016-09-15 Last night my daddy died! I’m so endlessly sad!

A Very Warm Welcome FROM WACKEN

2016-08-06 STiLL ALiVE!

2016-07-22 Back in Vienna for a few days. Drinking, loving, celebrating life!

Selfie Of the Year


+++ Anywhere  in the Netherlands +++

2016-04-16 Not the first time I lost my mind. But first time ever I lost my mind for happiness. Believe it or not. I lost my mind in the brightness of a day. Happy days with my little family. Can’t tell how deep this love is. Darkness faded to sunlight. Took a little time, but here we are!

2016-01-14 Bright new year! @Admiralspalast – Berlin