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From Caputh To Werder

It is only a few kilometers from Caputh to Werder. But they really have it all when it comes to beauty. You need to see it.

Two Days In And Around Dresden

Three worthwhile destinations in two days: Moritzburg Castle, Dresden Old Town and the Bastei in Neurathen in Saxon Switzerland.

Climatic Health Resort Bad Saarow

Bad Saarow is only a little more than 60 kilometers southeast of Berlin, directly on the Scharmützelsee and is definitely worth a visit.

A Day On The Saar

Three goals on the Saar. Beautifully and without a problem to do in one day: Saarschleife, Römische Villa and Saarburg.

World Heritage Völklingen

The Völklinger Hütte has been closed since 1986 and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Today it serves as an industrial museum.

At Burg Lichtenberg

Es gibt nicht nur die eine Burg Lichtenberg. Doch die Burg Lichtenberg im südlichen Rheinland-Pfalz bietet alles, was man von einer Ruine erwartet.

Daytrip To Wittenberg

Wittenberg has officially been named Lutherstadt since 1938. Not without reason, of course, as Martin Luther worked here for many years.

See Bruges… and be amazed!

Anyone walking through Bruges quickly gets the impression of walking through a film set. A true journey through time through earlier times.

A Weekend In The Harz

From Berlin, the Harz is much closer than you might think. A weekend trip is worth it. Wernigerode and Quedlinburg are particularly worth seeing.

Wanderings In Stockholm

For four days I went on various wanderings through Stockholm. The weather was dry, the city almost empty - what more could you want?

Deep in Ticino

In Ticino there are small villages, high mountains and beautiful lakes. And the border between Switzerland and Italy runs somewhere.

Once Across Ireland

From Dublin it went across the green island to Galway. From there it went north and south and back again. Ireland in all its glory.

Along The Baltic Sea

A few days along the Baltic Sea all the way to Rügen to the chalk cliffs. The old town of Stralsund is also worth a visit.

Pretty Lovely Prague

Anyone traveling in Prague will meet tourists on every street corner. Unless you leave the beaten path and just turn off.

Dilapidated Sanatoriums

Beelitz is especially famous for its asparagus. But a visit is also worthwhile, because not for nothing the sanatoriums are often used as film sets.

Striking Markermeer

The Markermeer is the interior of the two Dutch inland seas. From Lelystad we took a boat across the inland sea.

And Again Switzerland

In central Switzerland, Bremgarten and Solothurn beckon as beautiful towns that are definitely worth a visit at any time.

Magnificient Helsinki

Die nördlichste Hauptstadt der EU präsentiert sich distanziert und kalt - aber nur auf den ersten Blick. Hinter der Fassade wärmt Helsinki.

Around The IJsselmeer

Viel Wasser gibt es in den Niederlanden. Das IJsselmeer und Markermeer reichen bis weit ins Landesinnere und sind umgeben von sehenswerten Ortschaften.

Beautiful Switzerland

There are many clichés about Switzerland. Most have to do with money and with wealth. Switzerland is rich above all in beautiful landscapes.

Wonderful Vienna

According to the Mercer study, Vienna is considered the city with the highest quality of life in the world.

London revisited

Five years after my last visit, I went back to London - this time with company. I still like the British capital.

From Philadelphia To New York

Philadelphia is one of the most important cities in US history and was once the capital of the United States from 1790 to 1800.

A white Hosue in Washington

Probably the most famous house in the world stands in all its white radiance in the middle of Washington, D.C. in the US of America.

Pittsburgh on a public holiday

It's warm, even hot. On Memorial Day we arrive in Pittsburgh and don't really wonder: The city is almost deserted.

Wet Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls lie on the border between Canada and the USA. A whole hodgepodge of waterfalls, the roar of which can be heard from afar.

Great Toronto

Toronto is known as the Zurich of Canada. Clean, enterprising and a little pale on the face. The Canadian metropolis is a tad too clean.

Canadian Province

When you leave Ottawa heading for Toronto, you have to go through the Canadian province. Endless forests and every now and then a lake along the way.

Oh so nice is Ottawa

The Canadian capital Ottawa is halfway between the two metropolises of Montréal and Toronto - and is definitely worth a visit.

Montréal, mon amour

Montréal is the first metropolis we will reach on our tour in Canada. In general: the first time in Canada - an uplifting feeling.

Breathtaking New Hampshire

The heart of America beats in the nowhere. It remains to be seen whether it is in New Hamphire or elsewhere. It is definitely nice here.

Beantown Boston

The capital of Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in the US. It's one of the wealthiest and culturally richest cities in the country.

Heart of steel and stone

The heart of New York City is made of stone and steel. You just need the glass facade and finished is the next skyscraper.

Signs of life from New York

It is the people who make a city. It's no different in New York City. People send signs of life out into the world.

Moments in New York City

New York City is one of the most breathtaking cities on our planet. Everything here is somehow a bit bigger than anywhere else.

Ghosts On the baltic sea

A few days of vacation, a few days apart. Planned for a long time, now it has finally become reality. Clear your head, scare away ghosts.

Terracotta soldiers in Xi’an

They are known as the eighth wonder of the world. The Terracotta Army of Xi'an was discovered by accident. A farmer wanted to build a well.

Through Tibet by train

For a few years now, it has been possible to travel across Tibet by train. The route goes from Lhasa to the capital Beijing.

Monk debates in the monastery

In the Sera Monastery a little north of Lhasa, the monks in their red robes publicly debate questions of faith in front of an audience.

Lhasa and its palace

If you drive towards Lhasa, you can see him towering over the city from afar. The palace dominates the cityscape of the Tibetan capital.

Thin Air

Once you have crossed the border between Nepal and China, the air becomes thinner and thinner and you move at high altitudes.

On The Way To China

On the shortest route from Kathmandu in Nepal to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, you inevitably have to pass Zhangmu.

What A Mess In Kathmandu

There is a lot of muddle in Nepal's capital. And that's not just because of the traffic. The city just grew too fast.

Liveley London

London is a lively city - there is no question about it. The capital of Great Britain is the third largest metropolis in Europe.

All Around Riga

Have you ever been to Riga? If not you should go as soon as possible. The Baltic area is worth a longer visit.