Merry christmas from Zurich

2018-09-15 – 2018-12-08 

Words And Pictures Vol. One

  1. Wonderful Bernd Kötting and Me @PoshTeckel
  2. A Shadow On The Wall @home
  3. Doing unexplainable things @a wedding
  4. Well, at least you know what they mean, don’t you? @unknown bar
  5. On my way to Clutch show @astraBerlin
  6. Short break on a show of David Judson Clemmons @Rote Beete Berlin


2018-09-01 It is important you always have enough good music to listen to. For that I created THE SKULL. It’s a playlist that wil renew itself every three months. 35 great current and new rock hits. Just follow THE SKULL and you always will be up to date.

2018-08-04 Guess…

Sometimes Winter Ends In Summer

2018-07-25 I have been sleeping for several months and now I am awake again. I have a hunger deep inside and let it take ahold of me. The time to hunt has come. It’s time for me to start over. Hunger will lead me. We know one of us is going down but I say let’s do it anyway. One of us is going down but let’s do it anyway.

—–> Push the button. Restart the year.

2018-01-03 Happy New Year to everyone. And here are the 30 best songs of 2017. My Playlist THE SKULL 2017.