New Songs

2017-11-21 For a few more days I did some recordings. Seems to get more and more stuff for a new album of [PTSD]. But of course it is much too early to talk about a release date or any other details. It’s just what it is. A few ideas, a few recordings – going to get a few songs maybe later. 

On the road


2017-08-03 Back in Wacken. Rain or shine!

2017-04-27 +++ NEWS +++ THE DiSORDER ON TOUR +++

Afew show dates for autumn all over in Germany. Small locations, get your tickets soon! @disordershop

10-13 Bielefeld
10-14 Stuttgart
10-21 Freiburg
11-03 Kaiserslautern
11-25 Mönchengladbach
12-15 Hannover

2017-04-27 +++ NEWS +++ THE DiSORDER ON TOUR +++


2017-04-18 A few days in Ireland. Tour starting in Dublin and will also go to Galway.

Berlin, I Love You