Merry X-mas!


2015-10-29 So sad, but true. Work-Buy-Die.

2015-09-03 Just a few impressions of the city Ilive in. Berlin, my love!

2015-07-08 Today I started shooting for documentary »Distant Love«. More than a bunch of work is waiting for me as a director. So entries will get a bit more rare here for next few months.

The botched opportunity

2015-04-30 Just another fragment

A bedroom. A man and a woman come in, kissing and fumbling with each other intensely. They drop onto the bed and begin to undress each other as the man gropes for the bedside lamp and turns off the light. The woman stops kissing.

She What are you doing?
The light comes on again.
He What’s wrong?
She You turned off the light.
He Yes.
She Why?
He Just like that.
You But you must have thought something.
He No, not really. I’m just more uninhibited in the dark.
She You don’t like me?
He No, I mean yes. I really do like you.
She But you can’t stand to see my face while you fuck me…
He No. I really like your face. I swear.
She But what is it then? Does the darkness help you think of another while you lie on me?
He No, I don’t think of any other.
She Then why did you turn off the light?
He I… I really don’t know. I’ve never done it in light.
She What’s wrong with you men? What did I do to you? One does not want to take off his stockings, the other does not want me to take his cock in my hand, the third comes as soon as you stick your tongue in his throat and the next cannot get up as long as the light is still on. I can’t believe it. Aren’t there any normal men in this shitty world?
He (after a short break) So, if you want… I mean… We can try in light…
She Oh, leave me alone. Do what you want. But you can turn off the light now. Because I can’t sleep if the light is still on.
She turns around.
He It’s a pity. You’re really turning me on.
He turns off the light again. After a short break…
He Do you mind if I jerk off before I fall asleep?

From Berlin To Hamburg.
They really have beer here.

Back from Hell.
Official selfie.

A few days off


2015-02-26 Met these two guys today. Nice guys – both!