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Chosen loneliness xxxxxxxx

After the hectic weeks of the past few months, it was clear what would come, what had to come. The concentration on new deeds made it necessary to withdraw. And since a retreat is only a retreat if it is carried out consistently, I was drawn to the solitude of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on Saturday. Somewhere behind the last village in the world, behind a curve at the edge of a small lake, where people only get lost in summer, is my refuge for eight days. Writing is concentrated, the world is hidden and only thought of the two people who are deeply rooted in the heart. Solitude chosen to focus on what is to come.

At such an early stage in the final sprint, I obviously cannot reveal what it will be at this point. Just ask me again next Sunday.

Out now___

09/26/2014 Out now! »Far Away Coming Closer« Get your copy now @disordershop

09/15/2014 Pre-order your copy of »Far Away Coming Closer« now @disordershop

In chosen theatres

08/28/2014 In German the movie is called »So weit weg immer näher«. Original is »Far Away Coming Closer«

You can watch it in chosen theatres in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the US and Canada from today on. Get an overwiew of the cosen theatres [here]

08/24/2014 In just two days we’ll have the premiere of »Far Away Coming Closer«. The soundtrack will be released on September 26th.

08/10/2014 Just one picture from the Moviemento cinema in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Premiere location of »Far Away Coming Closer«. By the way – not just a documentary about the US-tour in 2012 but also a lovestory. Premiere is in 16 days.

Another Night in new york city

07/19/2014 First song from the soundtrack. Official video.


06/26/2014 Glorious day! First pics from »Far Away Coming Closer«. Premiere sold out. In chosen theatres from August 28th in Germany, the US and Canada.

05/25/2014 THE LONELY REST

Lonely rest of all premiere tickets for »Far Away Coming Closer« now available @disordershop. Be fast – just very few left!

++ 05/05 /2014 ++ 05/05/2014 ++ 05/05/2014 ++ 05/05/2014 


Last vocals were missing. Last recordings are done. That’s it. Soundtrack complete. Film finished. 

04/25/2014 First access for premiere tickets of »Far Away Coming Closer« now for all members of DiSORDERUNiVERSE.

03/28/2014 First tix on sale for the world premiere of »Far Away Coming Closer« will be available only for members of the DiSORDERUNiVERSE. Join for free until April 15th and you’ll have access. [Click here]

03/12/2014 By the way_ name of the film will be »Far Away Coming Closer«

03/11/2014 The ink is dry – the point of no return is set. World premiere of the US-tour documentary will be on August 26th @moviemento in Berlin.

02/15/2014 No longer a secret – over! Secret gig yesterday in Berlin. Great night – you know because you were with me. And if you don’t know you probably don’t have a look to my website often enough. Still drunk….

02/02/2014 Good, you’re here! Want tix for a secret gig? Ask for more details _ secret@disorderuniverse.com

Hotel Eden – A fragment


And at the Hotel Eden at the other end of town, life is being brought to death again. Do you still wonder? Let’s be honest: Are you still surprised?

She doesn’t look good and she hunched over. She folds her hands as if in prayer and holds them out to him as if he were the Messiah himself. She is completely tense. She nods. She would even crawl up his ass if she could.

His question to her: Would you be willing to accompany the whole thing part-time? You don’t have to travel at all, but make appointments from the office, remind people and and and. German television alludes to the poor people – I don’t want to and can’t gloss over anything. And the question is: How do you get hold of people? She just nods on, seems to know, says: I really can imagine… I’ve had conversations like this before. Sometimes other people were there too, but I dare to do it myself. I can imagine that very well.

He then again, completely serious: I only know academics who have problems. The people I expect at RTL are underclass. You go to the people’s home.

She is not astonished. Yes of course. That’s also much more authentic… Now he nods: That’s right. It even has something of a social worker. If people live with Hartz IV and then we come with 500 Euros… I’ve already seen everything… They are really grateful then.


01/06/2014 Back from Switzerland. Anneke will start mastering first songs from the soundtrack.