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09/22/2012 Wanna see a few pics from my tour in May? Here you are!


07/15/2012 Sorry! Had to change the link for the video of »I don’t know«

06/30/2012 Next album will be the sounbdtrack for the documentary on my US-Canada-tour.

06/25/2012 It’s fix! There’ll be a documentary about my US-Canada-tour. Starting with first ideas these days.

06/11/2012 Do you knoow the story of »Spences Bridge«? It’s not just a song on my current album. The smalltown in Canada also was one of the shooting locations of 1997 feature film »The Sweet Hereafter« by Atom Egoyan. The movie starring Ian Holm and Sarah Polley for me is one of the best films ever. Nominated for Palm d’Or @Cannes Fim Festival, awarded with the Gran Prize of The Jury in Cannes in 1997. 2004 the Toronto Film Festival elected »The Sweet Hereafter« as No. 3 of best canadian films of all times.
I love this film for his sadness and hope at the same time. Being unwavering even in the moment of deepest sadness and tragedy  – that’s the point. Hereafter is waiting for all of us. No matter who you are or who you think you are – important is this world. Don’t let yourself get bent.

Next video will be for »Spences Bridge«, shot on location in Canada and the US during the tour in May.

05/14/2012 Starting the US-Canada-Tour tomorrow here’s another video release from my latest and current album »The Gofer of Insanity«. Order the album and get tickets for the US- and Canada-shows @disordershop.

I Don't Know

 —————————————————the shooting

03/11/2012 Another video shooting. A few pics.

02/05/2012 Tickets available now. Get yours at disordershop.

01/12/2012 Hope you had a good start into the new year! And just as promised a few days ago. The dates:

05/15 New York City
05/16 Jersey City
05/17 Milford
05/18 Boston

05/19 Conway (NH)
05/20 Berlin (NH)
05/21 Montréal
05/22 Montréal

05/23 Ottawa
05/24 Trenton (Ontario)
05/25 Toronto
05/26 Buffalo

05/27 Pittsburgh
05/28 Washington, D.C.
05/29 Philadelphia
05/30 North Bergen

Tickets available from Feb 05 here. Stay tuned!