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12/29/2011 Fixed! There’ll be a tour in 2012. I’ll be crossing the US and Canada. I’m so f****** excited! So much looking forward. So honestly touched! Stay tuned for details, coming soon. Have a good new year! Lova ya all!


11/11/2011 +++ Order now +++

disordershop —> [click]

10/21/2011 PRE-ORDER NOW!

You need to have THE GOFER OF INSANITY in your mailbox on release day. But to be sure your wish comes true you also need to pre-order the cd now. And guess, what… it’s so easy. Just go to disordershop and make a choice.


08/31/2011 Drowning – Official video out now! First song from the forthcoming Album »The Gofer Of Insanity«.

on tour

07/28/2011 Tommorrow the tour starts and while I’m on the road through Germany you can watch a few photos from the early days.

07/15/2011 Just two weeks until tour start. I’m getting more and more excited. And yet another show sold out! Thank you, Stuttgart. See ya soon!  +++ Get on of the few ticket left for the other shows now! +++

06/28/2011 CD will be released Nov 11th, 2011. Worldwide.

02/28/2011 Damn it! Forgot it again. THE GOFER OF INSANITY will be the name.


02/27/2011 Ok, just talking about it, is weird. Here you are:

  1. The Future Is Gone
  2. We Are One
  3. Fix Me A Drink
  4. Still The Same
  5. Spences Bridge
  6. I Have Been Done
  7. Cindy
  8. Wallflower in the Dirt
  9. Drowning
  10. I Don’t Know
  11. Not My Friend
  12. Anybody Listening?

02/26/2011 You might have noticed — there’s no song on the record with this name____ but it is… oops, hold my beer, wait a moment…. how should you know? Is there a tracklist out already?

Dude, we have to release the tracklist!

02/25/2011 It’s…. The Gofer Of Insanity

02/18/2011 Name of the record… diffcult!

02/03/2011 Done! The End! Over! Out! Recording finished! Twelve songs. Just starting to get drunk.

Yeah! Live!

01/08/2011 Happy new year! It’s the year of a new DiSORDER album. And also a year of a new DiSORDER tour. THE DiSORDER on his way around in Germany and Luxemburg. Check out these dates:

07/29 Leipzig
07/31 Lübeck
08/08 Kassel
08/09 Jena
08/10 Erfurt
08/11 Luxemburg

08/12 Bonn
08/14 Brunswick
08/15 Kiel
08/16 Flensburg
08/17 Hamburg
08/18 Bremen

08/19 Essen
08/21 Münster
08/24 Stuttgart
08/25 Augsburg
08/26 Munich
08/28 Berlin

Ticket information and locations will follow soon. Be sure it’ll be small locations. You have to be fast to be a part of it. A storm is coming…