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IT's christmas

12/25/2010 And guess what… I have a present for you. Just a small one because this song will not be on the record. It’s – yeah, let’s say a fragment prisoned in itself— not really a song but more an idea. Maybe you’ll hear it on one of the next records… But also, maybe this idea is just dying here… Decide yourself!

12/03/2010 Just one week but back to the roots. Just one week, eleven songs, last recordings. Details but at least – it’s music. I’m drowning, leaving this world and as soon as there news you will get it exactly here and nowhere else. Just a few more words to finish lyrics….

11/02/2010 Just a short question: What would be your choice to drown in? Send a mail to disorder@disorderuiverse.com

10/25/2010 As I know now shooting for DROWNING will be in Berlin and Warnemünde in March 2011.

10/16/2010 And yes… there will be at least one video for the coming record. First song in moving pics will be DROWNING. Director will be Lisa Jerusalem. More information will come soon…

Back to work

09/14/2010 Time of suffering is over. Projects done, next focus back to music. As I remember there were a few songs in the fire. I’m back— 

% energy

Focus is set. Mind and heart are adjusted to the point of no return. New record will come in 2011.

Far away in the east

06/22/2010 Around in Nepal, China and Tibet for a photo project. Thousands of miles in just three weeks. From Kathmandu/Nepal to the Chinese border. Short stop for one night in Zhangmu/China before heading for Lhasa next morning. The capital of Tibet is a more than impressive city in nearly 12.000ft elevation.

From Lhasa we rode more than three days by train to Xi’an to visit world famous Terracota Army. What an impressive trip. More photos will follow.

05/21 – 05/23: Kathmandu, Nepal
04/24 – 05/25: Zhangmu, China
05/26 – 05/27: Chinese Highland
05/28 – 05/31: Lhasa, Tibet
06/01 – 06/02: Train to Xi’an
06/03: Xi’an, China

Very Hot here

05/20/2010 I must say. In the morning at 6am. So hot. More than 90°F. Lucky me, just a short stopover in Doha/Qatar.


03/10/2010 In 2008 I’ve also been to London. Three gigs.

02/15/2010 Due to other projects, ideas and focus I have to interrupt the work on my record. Set it on fire and have a look what’s left after burning.- ___ we’ll see…

The Baltic States

02/05/2010 I’ve been to Latvia and Estonia two years ago to make a very short tour. Three gigs in five days. Here are a few pics I shot during those days.

01/21/2010 Another weekend in the studio. But it will be a special one, because for the first time for this record wonderful Anneke from Switzerland will join me. Did I mention that my great engineer Jon Brade is from Norway?! You see – we’re an international team.

2010: The Year We Make Contact

01/03/2010 It’s here, the new year. And for me the chance to finish the record. Some ideas in my head about the title of the record – maybe I just use the one above?!